Rose quartz tree of life necklace
Rose quartz tree of life necklace
Rose quartz tree of life necklace
Rose quartz tree of life necklace
Rose quartz tree of life necklace
Rose quartz tree of life necklace
Rose quartz tree of life necklace

Rose quartz tree of life necklace

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This necklace is a handmade one. It is created with love and soul especially for you!
For its creation, we have used only high-quality materials: Reiki energy, rose quartz cabochon, and copper wire. The pendant is oxidized, polished and varnished. So it will save its attractive color and bright shine for a long time.

Available pendant size: 4x3 cm (1.6x1.2') and 3x2 cm (1.2x0.8') for your choice.

Free chain of 24 inches (60 cm) is included. If you like another chain length please add your requirement to the order comment.

You will get this pendant in a gift box. 

The necklace on the photo is sold. I will do the same one especially for you but a new necklace may vary a little because of the handmade feature. 

As a natural feature, the stone may have some variations and also as a natural feature the stone may have some visible marks or scars.

The photo does not show actual size, please refer to Description for size details. 
Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor. 


The fact that rose quartz has magical properties was established by esotericists long time ago. The extremely strong energy of love is emanating from it.

Rose quartz is a female stone. It carries warm and soft feminine energy. It is recommended for love attracting. It helps to find a soul mate. In addition, it can be used to revive chilly feelings.

Rose quartz is ideal for both young girls and adult women. It will help them to attract love and find happiness. What is more, it enhances women’s charm and allure. Thanks to this, a woman becomes more attractive to men. She will always be surrounded by their attention. It is believed, that a woman who wears this mineral always has a lot of admirers. However, rose quartz helps women not to be exchanged. It attracts true love, that is why she can easily make a choice.

Rose quartz has another meaning - it gives protection from evil forces and any evil witchcraft. It creates a powerful barrier around a wearer, so he or she could not afraid of any negative impacts. In addition, this stone protects families from quarrels, treason, and scandals. To reach this, decompose the quartz crystals in different parts of the house.

This stone improves mood and provides peace of mind. It helps to get rid of negative traits and strengthens positive ones. It awakens sensitivity and compassion in a person.

Rose quartz helps to get on the right path and realize one's true purpose in life. It protects against making mistakes and wrong actions.
In addition, this stone is recommended for creative people. It gives them inspiration and the opportunity to realize their talents.
However, this mineral is also called the stone of illusions. It is possible that because of the gem one can cease seeing the world in real light. Once getting under such an illusion, it is very difficult to go out. Therefore, esotericists advise to “rest” from this quartz. The stone should be worn for a certain time, then take a break. After some period, rose quartz can be used again.

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