Do you believe in nature's energy like I do?

Since the very beginning of the Earth, energy plays a great role in every single second of our being. Earth is made of it. Nature is made of it. We’re made of it.

All the time we spend the energy and need to renew it. We are searching for support, love, communication, rest, work, sometimes - loneliness with the one aim: to be full. Is it about you too? I’m sure.

We need something to help us with this renewal.

Somebody sleeps, somebody travels, somebody meditates and all of us can get the required energy from nature.

What was the first on our planet? What is the eldest thing? What kind of material did inspire Phidias in ancient Greece, Michelangelo in Renaissance, Bernini, Bartholdi, Matisse, and other Great Artists? - Stone!!! I choose it too. I work with stones over 15 years. And I know how to convert an energy of Earth to a piece of art and to bring it directly to you.

I am an artist. My name is Yuliia. I know a lot about stones and their energy. I will share this knowledge with you. I will help you to full fill and teach you how to bring this feeling to your dear people.

I'm full of energy for you! Join me!

Contact info

Yuliia Lavryk
st. Hvardiitsiv Zaliznychnykiv 10/10
Kharkiv, 61052, Ukraine