Matching tiger eye tree of life necklaces for friends
Matching tiger eye tree of life necklaces for friends
Matching tiger eye tree of life necklaces for friends
Matching tiger eye tree of life necklaces for friends
Matching tiger eye tree of life necklaces for friends

Matching tiger eye tree of life necklaces for friends

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This necklace is a handmade one. It is created with love and soul especially for you!
For its creation, we have used only high-quality materials: Reiki energy, tiger eye cabochon, and copper wire. The pendant is oxidized, polished and varnished. So it will save its attractive color and bright shine for a long time.

Available pendant size: 4x3 cm (1.6x1.2'), 3.4x2.4cm(1.4x0.95') and 3x2 cm (1.2x0.8') for your choice. 

Free chain of 24 inches (60 cm) is included. If you like another chain length please add your requirement to the order comment.

You will get this pendant in a gift box. 

The necklace on the photo is sold. I will do the same one especially for you but a new necklace may vary a little because of the handmade feature. 

As a natural feature, the stone may have some variations and also as a natural feature the stone may have some visible marks or scars.

The photo does not show actual size, please refer to Description for size details. 
Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor. 


Tiger's eye is one of the most powerful talismans. It protects against evil forces and evil witchcraft, the evil eye, damage, curses, love spells, and, in general, from everything that may cause harm to an owner. Therefore, it is recommended to wear all the time, especially in the moments when a person is surrounded by a lot of unknown to him people.

The amulet warns a person about the danger. The fact is that at any threat tiger's eye starts to get heavy. An owner physically feels it. If a person suddenly found that the stone has become much heavier, it is recommended to get out of the place, where he or she is, quickly. Such a reaction of the stone means that there is some misfortune is supposed to happen. If the stone becomes heavy during the conversation of an owner with someone, it means that this person is trying to influence him or her on the energy level. The conversation should be stopped and it is better to break any relationship with this individual.

Tiger's eye grants strength and wisdom. The mineral helps to avoid making rash decisions and doing the wrong things.

In addition, the stone develops intuition. Thanks to this, a wearer can accurately identify the lie and feel the danger.

Tiger's eye helps to establish relationships with others. It smooths the conflict, defuses the tense atmosphere and contributes to easy communication.

This mineral soothes. It helps an owner to perceive this or that occasion easier and not to overreact to everything that happens around.

Tiger's eye suggests the right decision and gives answers to the most difficult questions. To get this, one needs to relax and take the mineral in hands. An understanding of what to do in this situation would come in about 20 minutes.

The constant wearing of tiger's eye helps to get rid of all material problems. It attracts money, saves from entering into unprofitable deals and helps to find a new source of income.

Tiger's eye helps to discover and develop hidden creativity. In addition, mineral gives inspiration to people, whose activities are associated with it, and helps to realize themselves in the chosen field. Therefore, it is beloved by many actors, sculptures, artists, and singers.

However, the tiger's eye helps only that person, who is ready to act actively, but not sit still. It points the right direction and one should follow it.

If an owner does not respond to the help of a stone, it loses its magical properties and ceases to “work” as an amulet. From that moment it “turns” into an ordinary beautiful decoration.

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