Gray labradorite tree of life necklace

Gray labradorite tree of life necklace

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This unique necklace is a handmade one. It is created with love and soul especially for you!
For its creation, we have used only high-quality materials: Reiki energy, gray labradorite cabochon, and copper wire. The pendant is oxidized, polished and varnished. So it will save its attractive color and bright shine for a long time.

Pendant size: 4x3 cm (1.6x1.2').

Free chain of 24 inches (60 cm) is included. If you like another chain length please add your requirement to the order comment.

You will get this pendant in a gift box. 

The necklace on the photo is sold. I will do the same one especially for you but a new necklace may vary a little because of the handmade feature. 

As a natural feature, the stone may have some variations and also as a natural feature the stone may have some visible marks or scars.

The photo does not show actual size, please refer to Description for size details. 
Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.


Even the ancient Greeks recognized labradorite as a gift of the gods and believed that it was lowered from heaven to earth by Hyperboreans - fabulous people living in the far North. The gem brought happiness and well-being to good people, and death and doom - to bad ones.

Even for today’s mages labradorite remains a mystery: as well as it can bring its owner wealth and harmony, it also can bring out bad traits. Therefore, the basic rule of wearing and using this stone is not to give it into the hands of strangers, because the mineral tends to its owner, protecting only him or her. The one who “tamed” this stone should always strive for the best so that the stone could feel this energy and strengthen and reveal only the virtues of a person.

Labradorite spreads magic power to its wearer. It causes the gift of clairvoyance, enhances psychic abilities and awakens talents. If you put it next to you at night, be sure, you’ll see prophetic dreams. Since ancient times this stone is considered as a patron of creative people - artists, poets, musicians.

Labradorite also brings comfort to the house: protects an owner and his or her home from the evil eye, helps to find harmony and warm relationships in the family, maintains calm and love. The stone also helps to get out of depression and stress, restores self-confidence and optimism. Therefore, it is recommended to have the gem (like jewelry or figurines) in the bedroom, closer to a headboard.

Labradorite can be a great amulet and protector for middle-aged people, who are already worldly-wise and have life experience under their belt. To the youth, this mineral can bring harm - contribute to a loss of vigilance and rash things.

Magicians and psychics use labradorite for making talismans and amulets more often than other minerals. They use it as a guide to the underworld, to communicate with the souls of the dead. In magic ritual objects made of labradorite are used to penetrate into their minds, read their thoughts, to know the past and present.

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