Handmade tree of life copper necklace
Handmade tree of life copper necklace
Handmade tree of life copper necklace
Handmade tree of life copper necklace
Handmade tree of life copper necklace
Handmade tree of life copper necklace

Handmade tree of life copper necklace

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This unique necklace is a handmade one. It is created with love and soul especially for you!
For its creation, we have used only high-quality materials: Reiki energy, turquoise howlite cabochon, and copper wire. The pendant is oxidized, polished and varnished. So it will save its attractive color and bright shine for a long time.

Pendant dimension (approx.): 4.5x3.5 cm (1.6x1.2')

Color: turquoise blue.

Free chain of 24 inches (60 cm) is included. If you like another chain length please add your requirement to the order comment.

You will get this pendant in a gift box. 

The necklace on the photo is sold. I will do the same one especially for you but a new necklace may vary a little because of the handmade feature. 

As a natural feature, the stone may have some variations and also as a natural feature the stone may have some visible marks or scars.

The photo does not show actual size, please refer to Description for size details. 
Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor. 


The magical properties of turquoise howlite are beyond doubt among esotericists. First of all, they note its protective power. Turquoise protects from evil forces, damage, and an evil eye. It is able to take away accidents from a person, including those ones, that can lead to death. That is the reason, why this stone was so popular among Turkish warriors. They took it to the battles and believed it would protect them and their horses. The gem could be a perfect talisman for travelers. It saves them from different misfortunes on their way. Actually, it is the basic meaning of the stone.

Turquoise howlite reveals the gift of foresight in its owner. With its help, he or she can predict upcoming events. The stone gives answers to difficult questions. It indicates a correct solution and helps to avoid making mistakes.

The magic of turquoise howlite is very powerful. It affects a wearer not only on the energy level but also on the physical one. It increases strength, improves memory and intelligence. 

Turquoise howlite helps to discover the hidden potential of a person, but not only to reveal, but also to realize it. It inspires creative personalities to perform. People of other professions can also lie on the help of this stone. The gemstone pushes everyone to express themselves in different fields.

Turquoise howlite strengthens love, friendship, and business relations. It helps partners to understand each other easier and avoid conflicts. The stone is able to discharge any heated moment. People start to listen to each other and respond better to everything that happens.

Turquoise howlite teaches its owner how to become a leader in any team. It leads to the top of the career ladder and helps to survive there.

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